Who We Are

“Working together to improve business performance through people.”

Although we started out working for the ‘big guys’ in our industry, we chose to create a ‘boutique’ experience. The Miller Pearson experience offers customization with personalized support; this simply doesn’t exist with larger service providers. Communication is key to all great relationships and we have open lines of communication with all of our clients. They appreciate that they have a direct line to us and that we are highly responsive to their needs and requests. They trust that we will deliver on time and within the budget we have committed to.

Developing strong relationships with our clients comes naturally to us. We are passionate about supporting our clients to bring out the best in their people. We take a personal interest in their lives because we truly care about them. We want to them to succeed in their business certainly, but it is equally important to us that they thrive in their lives outside of work as well.

Striving for excellence is essential to us. We are not happy until our clients are. They count on our expertise, honesty, and candor to help them understand their results and develop effective strategies for improvement. This is just how we do business!

Miller Pearson understands the meaning of partnership in the truest sense of the word.

Liz McNally C.E.C., London Drugs Limited

Meet the Team

Jim MillerJim Miller, Principal

Jim learned business basics in his studies with the Life Underwriters Association of Canada and Ryerson University. From there, he honed his skills through his associations with significant Canadian providers in the retail and insurance industry, as well as two major international management consulting organizations. A lifelong learner, Jim continually expands his knowledge by working with many clients in a variety of industry sectors and keeping up with industry trends; this makes him a highly valued advisor and strategic partner.

For over 30 years, Jim has helped facilitate two-way communication between employers and their key assets, employees and customers. He has a strong background developing and executing internal communications strategy relative to employee compensation, benefits, and other key elements of the employment relationship.

For the past 15 years Jim has focused primarily on providing time and cost effective ways of gathering vital employee and customer feedback, helping his clients understand the information, and working with them to create action plans that respond to the feedback. Jim is also certified in the use of two world-class psychometric assessment tools (The Birkman Method and Prevue Assessment), assisting organizations to recognize and capitalize on individual and team attributes that contribute to organizational success.

He is equally as comfortable with an organization’s Board, executive team, and front line staff. His clients appreciate his vast knowledge and experience base, approachability, and sense of humour. As a result of working with Jim, clients achieve higher levels of success and profitability by improving employee engagement and customer satisfaction.

On a personal note, Jim and his wife Susan are delighted (on most days) with their two children and four grandchildren. When not at home in Langley, BC, they enjoy travels across Canada and the US and have enjoyed adventures in Europe, the UK and the South Seas. They spend as much of their winter as possible in the Arizona sunshine as Jim works to master his golf game… so far, golf is the clear winner!

Leslie PearsonLeslie Pearson, Senior Consultant

Leslie cut her leadership teeth managing team members and hundreds of volunteers in the children and youth arena. Charged with overseeing the development, organization, and execution of programs and events, she skillfully planned, managed, and successfully delivered a variety of activities to hundreds of children and families each year. She applied her skills to organizing and leading overseas humanitarian missions, taking teams to Malaysia, Mexico, Guatemala, Africa, and Central America. Leslie also led several teams to Mississippi after hurricane Katrina to help with clean up and rebuilding. These efforts included building and working in schools, orphanages, and medical clinics.  She loved her experiences with teams and nationals as they worked together to make positive changes in various communities around the world.

In 2006, Leslie began her work with TCS Performance Strategies, now Miller Pearson Consulting, continuing on her helping path. She is known for building effective employee surveys, as well as excellent relationships with her clients and their team members. Leslie puts her exceptional project management, communication, leadership, and people skills to good use when rolling projects out to employees, leading focus groups, and meeting with executive teams and HR teams to assist in developing action plans. She is also highly skilled at assessing individuals for hiring, redeployment, and succession planning. Her natural gift with people and deep desire to make a difference in their lives is apparent to everyone she meets. Leslie loves her work and her clients!

When not engaged in the work she loves, Leslie enjoys travelling, cooking, entertaining family and friends, and a good movie. These days, most of her free time is spent with her husband and their two young children.

Our Clients

We work with organizations of varying sizes and industries, but we specialize in working with medium sized organizations that recognize how important investing in employee and customer relationships is to overall business performance. Our clients understand that creating positive work environments and responding to customer needs leads to higher levels of engagement, retention, and profit. In today’s competitive business landscape, attention to these employee and customer dynamics often means the difference between success and failure.

I’d highly recommend their services to those organizations seeking a partner to help build and sustain employee engagement.

Bob Webb, Mountain View Credit Union

Our clients value relationships as much as we do; we love that.  We help them identify (and encourage them to celebrate) the things they are doing well, while pinpointing the areas that could use improvement.  We appreciate that they back their words up with action, making changes to improve the areas that are identified through our work with them.

Together, we’re making work places, customer experiences, employee fit, and business performance the best they can possibly be.

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