Conducting Employee Engagement and Customer Satisfaction surveys is no monkey business. Mounting evidence indicates that these are some of the most important factors impacting business performance today.

After more than 25 years in the survey business working with many progressive employers such as the Overwaitea Food Group, London Drugs, and Prospera Credit Union, we know that:

  • A positive work environment drives business performance
  • Well designed and executed employee engagement /opinion surveys reveal which elements of the work environment are (and are not) contributing to retaining the best talent
  • Ensuring confidentiality yields honest, reliable feedback & higher response rates
  • High response rates put employers in a strong position to clearly understand their current situation and take action in the area(s) that are most important
  • Customer satisfaction levels significantly impact business results


We’re survey experts. We work closely with our clients to carefully design surveys that provide critical information and help them make informed decisions. It’s as important to know what is going well as it is to identify areas for improvement. When they have all parts of the equation, they can celebrate the ‘good news’ and understand the ‘challenges’, then develop action plans to get them where they want to be.


Confidentiality is imperative if you want open, honest feedback. We have exacting standards and methods of ensuring that confidentiality is completely preserved. Data analysis and organizational units are structured to maintain anonymity while offering important collective data for decision making. As a trusted outside partner, our clients’ team members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that they can share freely without fear of being identified through the survey process.

Response Rates

Response rates are another critical factor in the overall quality of information gathered. The higher the response rate, the more representative it is of a situation or overall opinion. Our expected response rate for surveys is 80%; any less and we are disappointed. We are proud to say that we are rarely disappointed. This means that our clients can be confident that they will get a large number of responses from their survey set. As a result, they know that any improvements they make will be aligned with the majority of the feedback received and have a high probability of success.


Investments made in assessing employee engagement and customer satisfaction levels, identifying factors that most impact engagement and satisfaction, and developing strategies to improve these areas will pay dividends in productivity, profits, and overall business performance.