Improving business performance through people has been at the core of our business and service offerings since we started our company in 2000.

Our clients rely on our expertise for everything from in-depth employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys, to employee fit assessments and teambuilding.

Surveys & Assessments

  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Employee Fit Assessments
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Internal Services Surveys
  • Pre and post survey planning

Consulting Services

  • Action Plan Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Management Teambuilding
  • Leadership Development
  • Succession Planning

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Management Webinars

Practical Ways to Strengthen Engagement within your Organization

  • Define employee engagement
  • Look at drivers of engagement
  • Identify how employee engagement impacts your organization
  • Provide simple and effective ways to strengthen employee engagement within your team
  • Explore how to be intentional with our words (communication) and actions (connection) to increase engagement

Simple Steps towards Effective Recognition in the Work Place

  • Recognition – not one size fits all!
  • The importance of consist and authentic recognition
  • Being strategic in your recognition plan
  • Simple and creative ways to say thank you and job well done!

Each webinar is 45 minutes and designed for the leaders within your organization. These webinars are ideal to take place during a management team meeting or as a part of a training day / session. Email Leslie for more information at



Ensuring that employee attributes and strengths align closely with their position leads to better performance and results.



Expertly designed surveys that ensure confidentiality yield higher response rates and more accurate, actionable data.



Be it action planning, strategic planning, or leadership development, our expertise will help you on the road to improvement.