TCS Performance Strategies is now Miller Pearson Consulting

After 15 and 9 years respectively, Jim Miller, Principal and Leslie Pearson, Senior Consultant of TCS Performance Strategies decided it was time to update a few things. Over the past several months, they have been engaged in a rebranding process with the intentions of ‘refreshing’ their appearance and ‘renewing’ their business.

So, as their clients hire them for their expertise, they hired specialists in the field to help them define what is unique and special about them, revisit how they do business, and refresh their forward facing image. Enter Michelle Richardson of Momentum Works Inc. and Hayley Tarrant of Hayley Tarrant Design + Branding. This powerful duo took Jim and Leslie through their paces and worked closely with them to develop a clear, concise, refreshed approach that truly reflects their essence and that of their business, along with a name and visual identity to go with it.

External customers were consulted during the process as well, giving them a valuable 360 degree perspective upon which to develop their refreshed identity. No stone was left unturned and no topic was off limits. They wanted to fully explore what was working well and what could use improvement.

The result of this extensive exploration is a new name, logo, tagline and slogan, a continuation of the outstanding, personal service and services they deliver, an enhanced use of technology, and the establishment of cohesive social media presence.

So, with all of that said, TCS Performance Strategies is now Miller Pearson Consulting.

With the same great people and services, a clear message, and new ways to deliver it, they’re excited about what lies ahead. They are committed to continuing the great relationships they have built with their clients and to forging new relationships. They will continue to stay abreast of industry trends and be the valuable partner and resource their clients have come to rely on.

Through their work they are proud to play a role in making work places, customer experiences, employee fit, and business performance the best they can possibly be.

Jim and Leslie welcome the opportunity to connect with you. Contact them via the methods below, or book a free consultation to explore the fit between what they do and what you need.

Miller Pearson Consulting specializes in working with medium sized organizations to make their work places, customer experiences, employee fit, and business performance the best they can possibly be.

Jim Miller is the Principal of Miller Pearson Consulting (formerly TCS Performance Strategies Inc.). For over 25 years, he has been a senior consultant to both private and public sector employers across Canada providing strategic and tactical professional services in the areas of employee / customer research, senior management and executive consulting / coaching, and employee communications. Contact Jim by phone: 604-513-3077 (Toll Free: 1-866-295-8508) or email:

Leslie Pearson is the Senior Consultant for Miller Pearson Consulting (formerly TCS Performance Strategies Inc.). Since 2006 she has built a reputation as an excellent survey and relationship builder and a highly skilled project manager, communicator and leader with great people skills. Her assessment expertise leads clients to sound hiring, redeployment and succession planning decisions. Contact Leslie by phone: 604-309-6150 (Toll Free: 1-866-295-8508) or email:

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