COVID-19 Pulse Survey

Covid–19 has affected each of us. Every organization is looking and operating very differently than just a few months ago as a result of COVID–19.

There is a great amount of uncertainty as companies of all sizes are trying to move through these extraordinary and unprecedented times.

Now, more than ever, it is important to ask employees:

  • about their overall well-being
  • how are they coping mentally and physically
  • are they feeling connected,
  • how is their manager / leadership supporting them
  • is communication timely and clear
  • how are they adjusting to their new work environment

Miller Pearson Consulting can help you listen to your employees with an online COVID–19 pulse survey. We have designed a 13 question survey that will take employees 5 minutes to complete. The results will provide useful feedback in the areas of connection, well-being, support, communication, leadership and working arrangements. We can have your online survey launched within a few days and get results to you within a week of your survey closing.

LISTENING to your team is key in engaging and connecting with employees during this difficult time.

For more information call Leslie Pearson (604) 309-6150

Online survey and results* – $1600.00
*Reporting includes overall organization results and selected demographic results.